About us

With our highly qualified personnel, the latest technology in the world and the art of engineering is our tool to improve the quality of the building industry.

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Shahram Heidari Engineering Co. as one of the technical and engineering departments in the year 1380 its activities in the regions1 and 2 large Tehran has started in the field of construction of residential, office and commercial projects. During these years, several projects have been established and tried to put a significant impact on the quality of the construction industry and the respected employers.

Therefore, according to the quality presented in previous projects, it is now a significant welcome to construction and participation, the main projects are in the range of Saadat Abad and Niavaran.

This series is managed by Mr. Heydari who represent construction and apartment-building activists located in Saadat Abad and one of the management indicators of this complex is the use of qualified personnel and related to construction, and the difference in making and safe and beautiful in all The projects apply to their own collection, thanks to the yazata and honesty of more solid steps in line with the goals of this collection.

With dedication and respect