Azin Sazeh Co., Design and Construction Designer and Builder of Commercial, Residential and Special Structures

Control and follow up of the project

انجام پروژه آذین سازه
Control and evaluate the quality and objectives of the project at all levels

Project implementation

اجرا پروژه اذین سازه
Start and run the project in due time


طراحی پروژه اذین سازه
Designing and mapping using the latest method of the day

about the Azine Group :

Azin Sazeh Co. Considering that since the start up to date, the residential and commercial and administrative projects have been made and delivered, and the high risk of this complex in conducting some projects and completing those of the competent institutions of appreciation letter to the It declares the contract of participatory contracts and so on, considering that its financial power is not intended to be used only in the direction of construction until today in all the stoppage and partnerships, and will not have the Lord in the future, and why most projects The owners have been delivered sooner and faster than the due date.Therefore, this resume is a summary of construction activity and dashboard and hope in all your work and commitment stages by employing highly qualified personnel and working forces and careful planningProud and Victorious.

AzinSazeh Co

Why AzinSazeh Co :

  • Drawing and Drawing
  • Create an idea
  • Successful implementation of projects
  • Track and Receive Permissions
  • Project Controls
  • Completion of projects in due time
پروژه های طراحی دکوراسیون آذین سازه - 1000 متری

Precise review and clear cost disclosure

Tracking licenses and legal cases

Guaranteeing the highest quality of service delivery

پروژه های طراحی دکوراسیون آذین سازه - 1000 متری

Preliminary presentation by structural design By Azinsazeh co

Provide regular reports on project progress

Project control at all levels


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Construction industry:

In Iran, high rank buildingThe legislation of the year 1377 of the Supreme Council of Urbanism and architecture is said to be higher than six stories.